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Marion Rampal

Marion Rampal

Singer-songwriter Marion Rampal’s work weaves a web of text and melody, memory and invention, African-American popular music and Western classical roots. Out of time, impervious to fashion, magnificently inventive and sumptuously moving, Marion Rampal is a consummate songwriter. She nurtures an eminently personal repertoire of luxuriant creativity:
from the most emblematic folk songs to classical scores, from pop to blues, her voice stands out as a unique instrument.

Her new album “Tissé” blends rich influences of Jazz, Folk, and Pop. The album travels from french poetries to English pieces, reminding the spirit of cajun "fais-dodos", as well as the sweetest numbers of Madeleine Peyroux or Norah Jones through a rich instrumental production by guitar player Matthis Pascaud (Moonlight Benjamin, Ayo...).

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