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Neue Grafik Ensemble

Neue Grafik Ensemble

French producer, instrumentalist and DJ, Neue Grafik, has been building a strong rep for himself over the past few years,
releasing records previously on labels such as Rhythm Section, 22a, CoOp Presents and Wolf Music. His sound is a hybrid of
jazz, house and hip hop, all with his unique geographical flavours of African ethnicity, Parisian roots and a love for London
sounds like broken beat & grime thrown into the mix.
In his own words “The Neue Grafik Ensemble has been conceived as a journey from Deptford to Dalston, right through Peckham. During a  personal period of transition, I put this music forward at a crossroad of all my influences, taking the time to share and  experiment with a band - more than that, an ensemble. The idea is to incorporate musicians with their own sensibilities, collaborating together as a reflection of our society; unreal &  rebellious, but with magic moments, and full of hope. The best representation of that is Total Refreshment Centre. This building  and its community were a perpetual source of inspiration for me over the past two years & gladly allowed the creation of this

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