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Butcher Brown

Butcher Brown

Butcher Brown – the multifaceted band from Richmond, Virginia – call their sound and their follow up to 2020’s #KingButch and their second release on Concord Jazz, Solar Music.

Friends and bandmates Corey Fonville (drums), Andrew Randazzo, (bass), Morgan Burrs (guitar), Marcus “Tennishu” Tenney, (trumpet, saxophone, vocals) and Devonne “DJ Harrison” Harris (multi-instrumentalist) make music that is as diverse as their own varied tastes and backgrounds. It’s a seamlessly blended amalgam of sounds including jazz, hip-hop, funk, R&B, alternative, soul, bossa nova, and more.

In creating Solar Music, the band challenged themselves to break from routine and old formulas. “[In the past] we'd make a record, like 2014’s All Purpose Music and put constraints on what we do in the studio, thinking ‘let's make this something that we can recreate at the show,’” explains Andrew. “But then 2020’s #KingButch was the one where we kind of departed from that idea and took more of a Sgt. Pepper … approach of, let's just explore what we can present in the studio, even if it's not something that we can pull off live.”

And what could have been an insular musical conversation between the five became a collaboration with friends including Nappy Nina (“Half of It”), Pink Siifu (“Eye Never Know,” “Run It Up”), Jay Prince (“Move”), Charlie Hunter (“Espionage”) and more.

Warmth, light, and connection through a sound that, like the sun itself, is for everyone.